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The Lead Coach

Craig Ewing 4th Dan

My Judo experience has once again brought me back to coaching. Through coaching I can hopefully repay some of the kindness and time that many coaches have given me down the years.

I have had the privilege to represent my country internationally and was Scottish senior champion in 1999 and took medals at many senior national ranking tournaments including the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland opens.

I am currently progressing slowly towards my competitive 5th Dan, through continuing to compete in Masters tournaments and gradings.

I have previously officiated as a referee and look to return to refereeing in the near future.

I along with the other members of the coaching team look forward to sharing our years of learning with your children and hopefully yourself.

Craig Ewing 21/07/2015

4th Dan Black Belt Judo
British Judo Association Senior Coach
British Judo Regional Referee
British Judo Association Personal Protection Instructor
JudoScotland Self Defense Instructor
First Aid Qualified
Member Of The Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme

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Club President

Brian Jacks 8th Dan

I won Britain's first medal at a world championship, taking a bronze in Salt Lake City in 1967 and gained a second bronze at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

I later achieved national fame for performances on the BBC programme Superstars in which I was one of the most successful competitors. I dominated the British and European version of the contest from 1979 to 1980, winning four titles.

I was most famous for my efforts in the gymnasium, where I repeatedly set records in the "gym tests", including 100 parallel bar dips in 60 seconds in the 1981 Challenge of the Champions and 118 squat thrusts in the 1980 World Final. I was also very dominant in the weightlifting, canoeing and cycling events, rarely placing lower than second.

My victories in the British and European Superstars led to the creation of the branded computer games: Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge and Brian Jacks Uchi Mata.

I am now retired but still enjoy my judo when I can, it is great being involved with Saltire Judo.

Brian Jacks 01/09/2015
Club President

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